About the Weight of the World

The Weight of the World initiative is a video collection platform designed to share real, honest perspectives and experiences of individuals in their journey with weight. While the primary goal of Weight of the World is to provide support to those who are living with obesity, this initiative has the power to help others understand that obesity is a real disease that affects real lives. We hope that once you watch these stories, you’ll consider sharing yours as well!


Why Was Weight of the World Created?

We all have a story. Our stories are complex – they all include different experiences, feelings, and most of all, they show the complexity of who we are as a person. Weight of the World was created because we realized that no matter your background, personal experiences, or any other factors that make us unique, when dealing with obesity and weight, we share a common thread that connects us all.

By creating this platform for story-sharing, we hope you’ll discover the power of your own voice. Hearing and sharing each others’ stories frees us from the concept that we should be ashamed of what we’ve experienced when dealing with obesity. Many of us have experienced a lot of the same events and all of them have shaped who we are today.

Why Should I Share My Story?

  • Help others who view and identify with your story
  • Help others who don’t understand the complexity of obesity
  • Be empowered in your own health journey
  • Stand up to weight bias and stigma – change the narrative and opinion of how people view obesity
  • Show the complexity of dealing with weight issues
  • Show the TRUE stories of people who live with obesity

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