How to Get Started

woman looking at videos on laptopYour story might include many different emotions and experiences. When thinking about sharing your personal story, you may find yourself asking, “Where do I start?”

There is no right or wrong way to share your story when it comes to living with obesity and how it can shape our world. We encourage you to think about experiences you have had that will help you tell:

  • Stories about your journey and the paths you’ve taken
  • Stories of inspiration, hope and success (remembering that success is not always about the number on the scale)
  • Stories of challenges and obstacles
  • Stories to help others better understand living with obesity
  • Stories about being your own advocate and standing up to make a difference

Recording your story doesn’t have to be complicated. You can record your video story using your smartphone, tablet, webcam or digital camera from wherever you feel comfortable.

Once you’ve recorded your video, follow the easy steps below to upload your video to the Video Library. We want this to be a simple and empowering process, so we’ve come up with the steps below to help you use this platform and share your story.

Ready to Share?


Prompts to Guide You

If you need some inspiration on where to start, here are a few prompts that you can use to guide the direction of your story:

  • Reflect back to when you realized weight was impacting your health/everyday life
  • How has your journey with weight shaped your life experiences?
  • What obstacles have you overcome? What success have you had?
  • What ways have you tried to manage and/or deal with obesity in the past?
  • What helpful words can you give to others who are living with obesity?

Content Guidelines

  • Please do not give out medical advice.
  • Be aware that what has worked for you does not mean it will work for everyone. Avoid putting down other obesity treatments or weight management approaches.
  • If using a product/program name, use it sparingly so your video is not taken as an advertisement. Videos with over-mention of products/services will not be able to be published.
  • If your video includes the mention of individuals, or the individuals themselves, please make sure that they have given permission for the video to be shared.
  • Videos that include any of the following will not be published: crude, stigmatizing or hateful remarks; nudity or sexual content; harmful or dangerous words; hate speech; violent or graphic content; spam, scams or misleading content.

Upload Your Video