Video Submission Guidelines

There’s no “right way” to share your personal story, but we’ve put together some helpful suggestions and guidelines to get you started:


Video Length: There is no official “time limit,” but we suggest keeping videos to less than 20 minutes.

Helpful Content Guidelines:

  • Refrain from giving-out medical advice.
  • Be aware that what worked for you does not mean it will work for all, and avoid putting down other treatments/approaches to obesity management.
  • If using a product/program name, use it sparingly so your video is not perceived as an advertisement. Videos with over-mention of products/services will not be able to be shared.
  • If your video includes the mention of individuals, or the individuals themselves, please be sure that they have given permission for the video to be shared.
  • Videos that include any of the following will not be shared: crude, stigmatizing, or hateful remarks; nudity or sexual content; harmful or dangerous rhetoric; hate speech; violent/graphic content; spam, scams, or misleading content.

This platform was created to ensure there is a safe-space where individuals who’ve dealt with obesity can share the stories of their journey and find others who may have had similar experiences. Our policies and guidelines are in effort to maintain a healthy community where members can truly share themselves with others in an effective and helpful way.

If you still have questions around potential video submissions, please send any inquiries or concerns to [email protected].